Adnan Cihan Cakar, Ph.D.

Welcome to my webpage!

I am a bioinformatician at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center working at Xu Lab. We analyze Next Generation Sequencing data in order to understand the genetic mechanisms behind the rare lung diseases. We specifically use the output data from scRNA, snATAC and Multiome sequencing to investigate genomics and epigenetics of cellular micro-enviroment in lung in the context of a disease.

Another part of my job at Xu Lab is to maintain and develop web interfaces related to our research. You can explore these interfaces through the LGEA Web Portal

I am also a mathmematician by training. Before my current position (and moving into bioinformatics), I was a Ph.D. student at Indiana University, in the Department of Mathematics supervised by Prof. Peter Sternberg (Indiana University) and Prof. Dmitry Golovaty (University of Akron).

Apart from my research, I am interested in machine learning and its connections to mathematics. For the codes I am working on -both professionally and for fun- you can check my Github page

  1. Guided construction of single cell reference for human and mouse lung Minzhe Guo, Michael P. Morley, Cheng Jiang, Yixin Wu, Guangyuan Li, Yina Du, Shuyang Zhao, Andrew Wagner, Adnan Cihan Cakar, Michal Kouril, Kang Jin, Nathan Gaddis, Joseph A. Kitzmiller, Kathleen Stewart, Maria C. Basil, Susan M. Lin, Yun Ying, Apoorva Babu, Kathryn A. Wikenheiser-Brokamp, Kyu Shik Mun, Anjaparavanda P. Naren, Geremy Clair, Joshua N. Adkins, Gloria S. Pryhuber, Ravi S. Misra, Bruce J. Aronow, Timothy L. Tickle, Nathan Salomonis, Xin Sun, Edward E. Morrisey, Jeffrey A. Whitsett, NHLBI LungMAP Consortium, Yan Xu, Nature Communications 14, 1-20, 2023.

I am still working on this part. Please come back to see what is news!

Contact Information:

Email: adnancihan dot {my last name} at cchmc dot org
Office: 3333 Burnet Ave T11.507, Cincinnati, OH, 45229
You can also find me at LinkedIn, Kaggle, Github, and Stack Overflow